Calm the Chaos of Managing Event Speakers and Sponsors

moveBackstage makes it easy to schedule activities, assign due dates, send email messages, track progress, and view reports. It will help you and your team save hours of wasted effort.

ROADMAP - moveBackstage

Event Timeline

moveBackstage is an easy way for you to stay organized, gather information and communicate critical tasks with your event speakers, vendors, exhibitors and sponsors.

Event Setup

Create an instant landing page where people can submit their speaker and sponsorship proposals.

Standard and Custom Activities with deadlines

Capture speaker contracts, biographies, session materials, sponsor assets and more from one location. Schedule technology check-ins and meeting times with your event speakers and sponsors. Create and assign custom activities with due dates to stay on track and on schedule.

Clear Communication and
Content Management

Never miss a deadline by sending out reminders, alerts, and notifications with the click of a few buttons.

Monitor your Event Status with the Dashboard

A single dashboard to view upcoming, completed and overdue activities.

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Save Time

Stop wasting hours in manual tasks

moveBackstage for a seamless journey with your next event - Setup, Customize Activities, Communicate & Capture, Monitor and Report

Increased productivity

All at one place

Reduced email messaging

Happy Speakers


Our Features

Features to power you manage your speakers and sponsors with ease.

Call for paper

Evaluation and rating

Custom registration form

Email automation

Session Content

Calander booking


Speaker/Vendor Portals


Speaker Onboarding

There is no need to spend valuable time searching through email, spreadsheets, and online submissions, since you can organize and prepare everything for you and your reviewers in one place.

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Activity Creation and Assignment

Creating Various activities like

Contract Signature

Book a Slot - Tech Check, Speaker or 1:1 Sponsor Meetings

Joining Info - Venue Details or Login Credentials

Gather Session Materials

Custom - Or build what you need based on your workflow



One Click analytics to review activity status and send reminders
View supporting analytical graphics to present to project stakeholders and automated Email communcation.
Sit back and see the magic happening!

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